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Welcome to Nuclear Energy

Nuclear eTrack is the interactive desktop tool designed for executives and analysts active in or supplying services to the nuclear industry.

Subscribers receive access to databases, news and deals, company profiles, opinions and research reports fully integrated with innovative desktop tools for easy search, browse, and data access. The platform enables you to rapidly find data, track companies, build custom presentations, and extract information into Word, PDF, PowerPoint and Excel.


Our integrated databases include intelligence on:
  • Nuclear capacity and generation, including market forecasts
  • Power plants, nuclear fuel cycle plants and nuclear test reactors, with extensive technical details on each plant
  • Nuclear Reactor Outage
  • Nuclear equipment market size and market share
  • Tenders and contracts
  • Operational and maintenance costs


Access the latest information on strategy changes, R&D projects, corporate expansions and contractions, and regulatory and policy developments, updated live.

Deals Database

All major deal types are covered and updated live: mergers and acquisitions, asset purchases, venture capital, equity and debt offerings, and partnerships. Investor, advisor and financier information is also provided to enable you to better understand and track investment, fundraising and valuation trends in the nuclear industry.

Company Profiling

View company profiles and reports containing SWOT analysis, asset analysis and benchmarking data.

Research and Analysis

  • Regulatory and policy analysis
  • Investment opportunity analysis
  • Analysis of key issues affecting the industry
  • Quarterly and annual deal trend analysis

Alerts and Updates

Nuclear eTrack is updated on real-time basis in order to keep you up-to-date with the latest information and analysis, while daily news and deals alerts on the latest tender and contract announcements, policies and market events are tailor-made to your areas of interest.

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